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Women in their 30s vary between their personal changes and their careers. When a woman is in her 30s, she is not a girl anymore and she must mature both in her family and her career. She would be several mother of children and be responsible for her children, husband, parents and friends. She is so busy maintaining the family and career balance that she would not have enough time to take care of her appearance. It gets bad. In modern society, this means that you will be less competitive both in your career and family. So, this short article will give some fashion tips for women in the 30s.

Women over 30 differ from 20s girls. You have a lot to think about. Now you are a career woman and you know how difficult it is to make money, and you are a mother and also know how difficult it is to raise your family. When you buy things like clothes and accessories you will be more practical. It does not mean that you should have cheap fashion, with these guidelines you can be fashion.

My first point is how to choose fashion clothes. Women in the 20s are young and they can wear some weird clothes to show their personalities, but women over the age of 30 cannot wear sticky clothes at all costs. Because you may have to take care of children and you cannot spend much time dressing or washing clothes, the clothes should be comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Sometimes you have to distinguish between what to wear at work and what to wear. If you don't have to wear work clothes, wear bright colors like peach, light blue blouses with pants or A-line skirts to show your passion for your work, but your skirts should at least get on your knees. Pay attention to this: bold colors do not mean bold styles. If you've already got married, stay away from low or short clothes like low-cost dresses and mini-clothes when you're at work. After work, you can dress up a lightless T-shirt with Capri pants or a simple blouse with long skirts. When you attend an evening party, you should dress a formal dress to suit your function and status.

Then keep your eyes on makeup and accessories. You can't try new cute styles now, no bowknots, no cute earrings. 30's women should choose jewelry that is elegant and a little mature. Avoid wearing glittering handbags, wallets or short handbags are recommended. Maybe you have to wear heels at work, but after work you should take care of yourself and choose a comfortable pair of flat shoes. When it comes to makeup, you should avoid making heavy makeup like bold colors for eye shadows and eyelids. It does not mean that a completely normal look without any makeup is good. Your makeup will help you see graceful and femininity.

In fact, you don't have to pay too much attention to your dress, keep yourself natural, simple and comfortable.

Cotton is a wonderful, soft, lightweight fabric that is perfect for clothes such as pajamas and lounge trousers. It is a durable material that is easy to wash and dry. When you take care of your cotton clothes and for all clothes in general, it is best to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the garment. But if the tag has been deleted or is illegible, here are some general guidelines for taking care of cotton clothing (also use your own common sense, because I am not responsible for any accidents that occur when you take care of your clothes).

Cotton is a very light fabric to color. Therefore, the first thing you want to do is make sure you separate the colored clothes from the white clothes. It is easy to think that you can get away with washing them if the colored clothes have been washed enough times that the colors no longer run. But washing white with colors tends to make the white clothes dingy. To keep your white and light white, make sure they are washed in their own cargo. If you wash your pajamas pants or pants in a washing machine, set the water temperature.

If the cotton clothes are pre-dried, it is safe to dry in the dryer. But if the garment has not been elevated, you risk it shrinking to the point that does not fit properly. If you are not sure whether your pajamas pants have been embodied, it is best to assume they have not been. You do not want to find that your favorite pants, which are still warm from the dryer, are now too tight or that the bottom is now up to the middle of the calf.

If you can wipe your pajamas pants, then wipe the low setting. If you are not sure and do not want to risk shrinking, hang them on a washing line. If you do not have a clothesline, you can also hang them over a curtain rail or put them on a drying rack.

Cotton wrinkles easily, so remove the garment from the dryer as soon as possible after drying. If you forget and leave them in the dryer to the point of wrinkles, do not worry. An iron takes care of the wrinkles quickly and easily. Your iron should have a cotton setting - if you have steam pressure it will be one of the steam settings. If you do not have a steam bath, take a spray bottle of water and dry the garment so that it is moist before ironing.