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Shorts Skyvan, a light freight transport and the 330 and 360 aircraft aircraft based on it were robust and reliable aircraft, the latter facilitating the growth of the then developed regional transport companies.

Shorts Shorts:

Based on a merger of two conceptually similar constructions, HDM.106 and HDM.107 were purchased as Card Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from FG Miles in 1958, the historic Skyvan founded by both commercial vehicles and small-load aircraft, the development of which began the following year. It was originally designated PD.36.

Stubby and cards, it was hardly the best looking airplane in the sky, but its functions were necessary for its intended missions, including twin engines; a high-mounted, straight wing with an image ratio of 11; a box-like body with plate sides and an inner 6.6-square-foot cross-section; a rear ramp that can be used in flight double vertical tails; and a fixed tricycle.

Powered by two 390-bhp Continental GTSIO-520 piston engines, Skyvan 1 first moved into prototype on January 17, 1963. Underpowered it was retrofitted with 520-shp Turbomeca Astazou II turboprops, again taking over to heaven ten months later, October 2, in whose purpose it was provisionally known as SC7 / 10 Skyvan 1A.

Yet another powerplant change, this time to the even more capable 637-shp Astazou X, combined with smaller wing configurations and a lowered tail plan, solved in the March 1965 variant, Skyvan 1A series 2, for which Aer Alpi in Italy started the customer, ordering two aircraft.

The final production version, equipped with 730-shp Astazou XIH-1 engines, introduced several configurations, among them a more streamlined nose. larger rectangular passenger windows to replace the original rounds; a single nose wheel; and with the ninth production frame, a 31-inch cabin elevation increases for a new 18.7-foot total; and an increase in fuel capacity, from 175 to 225 Imperial gallons, built in four wing tanks.

High altitude and temperature aviation operations required an even more skillful version. Introduction to Garrett AiResearch TPE-331-201A turboprops, which divert three-leafed Hartzell propellers, and an increased 300 imperial gallon fuel capacity, resulted in SC7 Skyvan 3, which uses the now modified Mk 2 prototype, only December 15, 1967.

With a 40.1 foot overall length and a 64.1 foot wing tip, it offered a 4,600 pound payload, 12,500 pound gross weight and 654 miles with its maximum fuel and a payload of £ 3,000.

Since the fine roof and the vertical walls of their union cabin provided a large volume within a relatively small area, it offered flexible accommodation, from the previously quoted 4,600 pound cargo, if necessary by small vehicles, to 12 stretches and up to 22 single passenger. A convertible variant accepted palletised freight, with deposition for its light, narrow places to be folded against the side walls.

The introduction of these features was the successful Skyvan 3M military version, which also introduced nose-installed weather radar, a roller-loaded loading system and accommodation for 12 stretchers, 19 paratroopers or up to 22 standard troops. More importantly, it offered increased maximum payload and remove weights of 5,000 and 13,500 pounds, respectively.

The Austrian Air Force, the first to order the type, took delivery of its two examples on September 12, 1969.

A third-level aircraft variant or commuter, Skyliner, includes passenger features, including a built-in rear door, port side and a modernized cabin with individual air vents and reading lights, a small village and a toilet.

Shorts 330:

The development of the passenger-configured Skyvan and Skyliner, which was made to produce a cheap, unpressurized commuter airliner, was addressed in several basic modifications that introduced higher capacity and more attractive lines.

A 12.5-foot forward hook stretch, for example, in combination with a pointed nose, provided passenger capacity in a triangular, one-two arrangement at a 30-inch seat height, complete with molded side walls and enclosed cover storage spaces. A 9.9-foot insert in the braked, high-mounted supercritical wing took the tip to 74.8 feet and its surface to 453 square feet.

The power was provided by two Pratt and Whitney PT6A-45 turboprops, which twisted pivotal propellers, while the tricycle was built for the first time.

Launched after receiving British state aid financial aid on May 23, 1973, the aircraft originally planned SD3-30, first flew in prototype form on August 22 the following year. A second flew on July 8, 1975 and the first production example went to heaven five months later, December 15.

Although launch orders were placed by US-based Command Airways and Canada-based Time Air, the latter was in fact the first to inaugurate the type in use on August 24, 1976.

Superb baseline Shorts 330-100, 330-200, announced in 1981, offered 1.020-shp PT6A-45R engines, which effect increased to 1,198 shp when "r" -for "reserved" was used. With a 7,500 pound payload and a gross weight of £ 22,900, this variant transported 3,840 pounds of fuel, but like everyone else in the Skyvan / Skyliner / 330 series, it was hit by speed failures, only cruising at between 180 and 200 mph.

Apart from Command Airways, other US regional operators included Business Express, which, like Command itself, originally fell into the American Eagle brand; Binghamton, New York-based Air North; and Hagerstown, Maryland headquarters Henson, which itself provides code-share services for Piedmont, in which it was known as the "Piedmont Regional Airline region."

Aer Lingus and Olympic were major European actors of the type.

A military version, Sherpa, contained a rear ramp.

Production, which ceased in 1992, amounted to 136 examples of all variants.

Shorts 360:

Shorts 360, the final development of Skyvan and 330, introduced a three-legged front plug for a new 70.6 foot length, a newly developed rear section with a tapered profile, a swath, single vertical tail, two additional rows of seats for a 36-passenger total, deferred , 1,194-shp PT6A-65R engines, a maximum starting volume of 25,700 pounds and higher cruise speeds, up to 243 mph.

Suburban Airlines, operating in the Allegheny Commuter Consortium, launched the launch order.

First flight in prototype form on June 1, 1981 and certified on September 3 the following year into service two months later.

Advanced versions, introduced in 1985 and 1987, presented higher rated engines and six-blade propellers before production, a total of 165 aircraft, ended in 1991.

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