Sorting Coloured Buttons

Clothing study- will go along with Golidlocks and Three Bears book as well as investigating features of clothing- large, medium, small. I love the glass jars, it will make a great sound as they sort!

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Women’s European Fashion — Tips for Dressing like a European

Help your mom find new ways to wear her same clothes by purchasing her some new scarves. To top it off borrow some of your moms clothes and takes pics of what the complete outfits would look like with the new scarves and add those to the gift after you return the clothes. Then mom won't have to wonder what ...

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6 Unique Fall Layering Ideas

My Style: These two outfits are outfits that I would wear on the weekend. These outfits are my style because I like slightly bigger clothing that can cover my arms. These articles of clothing show line, texture, and neutral colors.

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